January 7, 2009

MONTERREY, Mexico, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Gunmen threw a grenade and opened fire outside a television news station during its evening broadcast in Mexico on Tuesday and left a message warning journalists from reporting on drug war violence.

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Gunmen hurled the grenade at the regional studios of Mexico’s top broadcaster Grupo Televisa in the northern city of Monterrey during the evening news show, the station’s reporters said live on the air.

No one was hurt in the attack, believed to be the first against a TV station in Mexico, and in which the gunmen sprayed one of the complex’s outside doors with bullets. The grenade exploded in a studio workshop used to build sets.

Gunmen also left a handwritten message on a car bumper near the studio that read: “Stop reporting just on us. Report on the narco’s political leaders,” in a apparent reference to the Mexican government.

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