Thomas Smith, a man arrested for writing “Fuck the fucking cops” on a police department’s Facebook page three years ago has just won a $35,000 lawsuit against the fucking cops, his lawyer announced Wednesday.

In July 2012, the Village of Arena in Wisconsin posted a note on its Facebook page announcing a slew of arrests. Smith then posted “Fuck ths fucking cops they ant shit but fucking racist basturds an fucking all of y’all who is racist,” as well as “Fuck them nigers bitchs wat you got on us not a dam thing so fuck off dicks.” He was arrested for disorderly conduct and unlawful use of a computer and telephone. He was originally convicted by a local jury, but that decision was overturned by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, which ruled Smith’s First Amendment rights were violated.

Smith and his attorney, Tom Aquino, sued the village for an unspecified amount. Wednesday, the village settled with him, according to Aquino.

“We have always believed that the defendant’s liability was clear. Federal and state courts have routinely held that the right to free speech is not limited to polite speech alone,” Aquino wrote in a blog post. “In our country, we are entitled to criticize our government with passion. The use of some four-letter words in the course of doing so is never a crime.”

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