September 4, 2008

Alex Jones jammed on WWCR shortwave, Jason Bermas hosting during RNC martial law emergency broadcast. Mike Rivero guest from What Really, discussing police provocateurs in Chicago 7 and Recreate68, and US/Israeli invasion of Russia to start World War 4 in Georgia.

Is anyone else hearing this jamming signal? If so what is your location? Anybody got a direction finding antenna to target the source of the jammer?

Ask WWCR: hosted by Brady Murray, WWCR Operations Manager and Jason Cooper, WWCR Chief Engineer.

Reception report from Knoxville Tennessee USA, East of WWCR’s 100,000 watt antenna in Nashville TN, 12:30 AM August 2008. Exterior longwire antenna.

WWCR shortwave 5.070 MHz
Transmitter 3

Alex Jones Show

Normal jamming signal on 5.070 is a steady nonstop beep, such as for Texe Marrs shows. This "woodpecker" type signal sounds like the billion-watt HAARP EMP weapon in Alaska (or Russian version), but is probably a local ham transmitter in Knoxville, judging by signal strength. Broadband over powerline? KUB TVA powerline maintenence signal?

Woodpecker and Sample:………

Or perhaps the weather modification broadcast by nearby Oak Ridge National Laboratory nuke bomb factory, that also plays with cold fusion?

WWCR 3.215 broadcast was a perfect signal at that same time. No jamming in Knoxville on that frequency. Then 3.215 disappeared.

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