The FBI is standing by claims that North Korea was behind the devastating cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment late last month — the largest in U.S. history —that crippled computer systems and allowed hackers to leak more than 100 terabytes of sensitive company data.

The FBI and Sony Pictures Entertainment say the attack and subsequent leaks were motivated by the film The Interview, which depicts an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, But many computer security experts contend that North Korea is not involved. As The New American has reported, these experts claim that a hacktivist group that goes by the names “God’sApstls” and “Guardians of Peace” was responsible, and that financial extortion —and not The Interview — was the motive.

The hackers leaked information damaging to the entertainment giant’s reputation and revenues, but not before demanding “financial compensation” to prevent the leaks. The hacktivists claim that Sony Pictures Entertainment is guilty of practices that deserve punishment and they have appointed themselves to carry out that punishment. The hackers’ familiarity with the infrastructure of the company’s networks suggests that this may well have been an inside job.

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