The 3301 hacking group responsible for breaching the website of Planned Parenthood last Sunday has accused the organization of faking a second attack in order to elicit donations from supporters.

Following the initial breach, which Infowars broke down Monday after speaking to “E,” the leader of 3301, Planned Parenthood announced Wednesday that their site had yet again come under attack.

After roughly two hours, Planned Parenthood announced that the site would be voluntarily taken down in order to offer “additional protection” to the site’s users, stating that the attack was a clear attempt to “cut people off from care.” Shortly thereafter, Planned Parenthood asked its followers to help them “fight back” against the attacks, tweeting a link to a new donation page.

“Planned Parenthood has been the target of hackers seeking to intimidate and silence us,” the page reads. “Hundreds of thousands of patients who rely on for health information and services have been denied access.”

“The attacks on Planned Parenthood are an attempt to cut people off from care, plain and simple. We can’t let that happen, and we won’t. Please chip in what you can to help make sure patients can get the care they need — and ensure that Planned Parenthood can’t be silenced.”

According to E, who spoke to Infowars via encrypted communications, analysis of Planned Parenthood’s site during and after the alleged attack shows otherwise.

“One contradiction was they claimed they were taking down the server to protect its users, but at the same time they added a donation page (on the same server) prompting for credit card payments,” E said. “They took down the main content on the website to only upload a donation page. That would be more dangerous if the site was indeed under attack.”

“All they did was pull the site down briefly, then edit the homepage to say ‘our site is down, donate here.’ Disabling ICMP and changing the header of your site to ‘we’re offline’ doesn’t mean the website is being ddosed. That’s nonsense.”

Other sources including the Federalist have also come to similar conclusions, noting that “even though redirects to a page saying the site was hacked, the domain still house [sic] a perfectly functional URL and page that are being actively used to help build Planned Parenthood’s fundraising list.”

The Washington Examiner also noted that Planned Parenthood changed its story multiple times “after many people pointed to inconsistencies about the alleged hack.”

Planned Parenthood’s claim follows the release of several undercover sting videos showing employees discussing the sale of harvested body parts from aborted fetuses.

In response, the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary injunction Tuesday to stop the group behind the videos from releasing any new content showing employees from StemExpress, a company that transfers parts from aborted fetuses for Planned Parenthood.

“This entire fake attack is just a way to divert attention, play the victim and collect money simultaneously,” E added in closing.

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