Dan Pearson
January 5, 2011

Hacking team Fail0verflow has released information on how to completely circumvent the security measures of the PlayStation 3, citing the removal of the machine’s ability to run a Linux operating system out of the box as its motivation.

The process was revealed by the team at the 27th Chaos Communication Conference (27c3) and marks the end of a four year period of impenetrability for Sony’s machine – far longer than most consoles manage in the face of concerted efforts from hacking teams. The Xbox 360 was cracked within a year of release, whilst the Wii lasted just one month.

The key factor in the circumvention, described in detail on Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry channel, seems to be the use of a single random number in important encryption equations, rather than the generation of separate numbers each time the equation is run.

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