A group of teen hackers who accessed the personal email of CIA director John Brennan last month published a new trove of information Thursday alleged to belong to thousands of government employees.

“Cracka,” a member of the “Crackas With Attitudes (CWA)” hacking group, took to Twitter to reveal details of the breach prior to posting the data online.


According to Cracka, the list includes more than “34,000 lines of emails, names, position and phone numbers” of employees from numerous areas of government.

Upon examining the data, Infowars was able to confirm the authenticity of several people listed. Names include everyone from small-town police officers to FBI and military intelligence analysts.

Federal authorities, still investigating the Brennan incident, have thus far declined to comment.

Following the last hack, law enforcement sources speaking with the New York Post stated that the federal government would undoubtedly attempt to “make an example” of CWA.

“I can’t believe he did this to the head of the CIA,” the source said. “[The] problem with these older-generation guys is that they don’t know anything about cybersecurity, and as you can see, it can be problematic.”

Before having his account deactivated by Twitter Thursday evening, Cracka again reiterated the group’s stance that all hacks have been done to bring attention to Palestine.


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