The potential of Virtual Reality (VR) technology paired with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is endless. This technology that could alter your reality and also learn from your responses and surroundings to create a customized world that morphs as it progresses, make possibilities seem endless.

Now, researchers have taken this to experience the realm of hallucinations, without drugs. Using Google AI and a virtual reality headset, scientists have built a device they have named the Hallucination Machine. This machine can cause a user to “trip” like on drugs, but without using potentially harmful drugs.

Hallucinations and hallucinogens have always held the fascination of scientists and the adventurous. In fact, LSD was the result of a science experiment. Scientists, looking to study the brain processes involved during hallucinations and understanding the altered perception that we experience when we “trip,” developed hallucinogens over years to try and understand how the brain processes what we’re perceiving, and how that might differ between reality and hallucinations.

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