Friend & Manager Says Palfrey ‘Feared for Her Life’; Believes Behavior Before Death Disputes Hasty Suicide Ruling

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | May 6, 2008

A new handwriting sample [See pages 123] obtained from Palfrey’s building manager, Joseph Strizack, could be instrumental in determining the cause of ‘DC Madam’ Deborah Jean Palfrey’s suspicious death.

Strizack provided a copy of a handwritten letter Palfrey mailed him in April 2004 in hopes that a comparison with the alleged suicide letters found by authorities could shed light on the truth in what he believes was murder.

In a cursory analysis of the alleged suicide letters, it is readily apparent that the writing was done slowly, carefully and very meticulously (as one might in forging a permission letter from a parent).

A comparison between Palfrey’s 2004 note shows a difference, for example, in the number "2" (which is curled in the suicide letter but not in the note) and in letters like "T." Other characters are more alike, while the overall writing style is clearly similar, and if forged, then obviously imitated.

"She insinuated that there is a contract out for her and I fully believe they succeeded," Strizack previously told WESH 2 news.

Writing sample from 2004 letter sent from Palfrey to Strizack.

Strizack cited a conversation with Palfrey only days before her death where she told him that she ‘feared for her life’ had been ‘followed’ in the D.C. area. According to Strizack, Palfrey said she felt ‘safe’ at her Florida residence at Park Lake Towers because it has a closely-monitored surveillance system.

Strizack told the Alex Jones Show that Palfrey also confided that her client list went "from the White House on down," including "a lot of influential people" from both political parties. Certainly, the political weight of her client list indicates reason enough to treat her death as suspicious– as silencing her would be a strong potential motive in the case of murder.

Alleged suicide note to Palfrey’s mother.

Palfrey stated on at least two programs, including the Alex Jones Show, that she would ‘never commit suicide,’ also telling Jones privately to suspect murder if she were found dead. These statements correlate with accounts from both Strizack and Palfrey’s mother indicating that she was not suicidal

While forensic analysis and comparison could prove whether or not Palfrey wrote the suicide letters, it may not rule out murder.

As Alex Jones has discussed in the past, political assassinations made to look like suicide are sometimes covered-up by forcing the victim to write a suicide note under threat of harm coming to their family.

As Paul Watson pointed out , many of the reasons indicated in the letters contradict the Palfrey’s stated attitude towards her impending court case and potentially serving time in prison.

Palfrey’s writing in a 2004 letter to Strizack. Click for enlargements (1, 2, 3) and full page scans (1, 2, 3) of the letter.

Alleged suicide note to Palfrey’s sister.

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