Perhaps the most scathing criticism of MSNBC’s epic fail to take down Trump by publishing his tax return from 2005 came from Sean Hannity Tuesday night, as Hannity accused the network of leading a ‘political jihad’ against Trump.

Hannity claimed that Rachel Maddow, who spent hours hyping a non-story yesterday, is the self proclaimed leader “of the alt-left, propaganda, destroy-Trump-at-all-costs media.”

“It proves that they will do anything, spin any conspiracy, to destroy the Commander-in-Chief.” Hannity added.

The Fox News host called Maddow’s attempted attack a “flat-out pathetic conspiratorial attempt to smear the president” and declared “NBC is not news. It is deep state Obama propaganda television.”

Hannity went on to describe the leak of Trump’s tax documents as “a new low in terms of privacy as we know it here in our country.”

Hannity pulled no punches as he made it clear he believed secretive government higher ups are trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

“What we’re seeing now is becoming far worse. Now it’s a clear and present danger that has emerged and it’s threatening our democracy and the will of the people,” Hannity said, declaring that “Obama deep-state, shadow government-holdover saboteurs” were behind the leak.

“We have people in our government today who are committing felonies, now on a weekly basis. These saboteurs, they’re trying to prevent the president from doing the job that you, the American people, elected him to do.” Hannity exclaimed.

The President echoed Hannity’s sentiments this morning, tweeting about how it is inconceivable that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston simply discovered the documents in his mailbox:

Hannity further ridiculed NBC, MSNBC’s parent network, via Twitter:

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