Campaign for Liberty
September 17, 2010

nullOn September 17, 1787, the Philadelphia Convention adopted the U.S. Constitution, and it would be ratified by the required nine states within a year.

We’ve included the Constitution in our “Pillars of Liberty” section near the bottom of this main page, along with other documents including the Federalist (and Anti-Federalist) Papers, the Declaration of Independence, Bastiat’s The Law, and the Articles of Confederation.

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If you’ve never picked one up, check out our official C4L U.S. Constitution, which also contains a foreword from Congressman Ron Paul, the Declaration of Independence, the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798, and an introduction to those “Principles of ’98” by historian Tom Woods.

As we mark its 223rd anniversary, take some time to look at our nation’s founding document today. And if you’ve only read the Constitution once… well, that’s probably one more time than most of our elected officials.

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