Editor’s Note: As Europe descends into a protracted recession and the jobless economy continues its downward spiral, the political leverage once offered to proponents of the fabled ‘green economy’ based solely on state hand-outs- is disintegrating before our eyes. Add to this expectations of yet another record-breaking winter and we have a climatist movement on its last legs. 

Tom Bawden
The Independent

November 7, 2011

Britain’s carbon emissions grew faster than the economy last year for the first time since 1996, as a cash-strapped population relegated the environment down its league of concerns and spent more money keeping warm, according to a new report.

The rise in Britain’s so-called carbon intensity increases the danger that the country will miss legally binding targets on reducing emissions, warns PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the consultancy behind the report.

Furthermore, it found that Britain’s rising carbon intensity is part of a worldwide trend which threatens to push global warming above a two-degree Celsius increase on pre-industrial levels.

This is the temperature that the G8 group of leading economies has pledged not to breach in the hope of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change.

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