Bob van der Valk
October 2, 2009

This is an update on the story of the American Police Force arriving in Hardin, Montana last week with three blackened out Mercedes Benz SUV’s emblazoned with “Hardin Police Department” on their side doors.

Hardin is a neighboring town with similar problems to the ones we have been enduring in Terry, Montana. People have been moving out of this area with few promises for employment opportunities. Cattle ranching and tourism are about the only viable ways to make a living and everyone in the area is connected to that enterprise in one way or the other.

Therefore Miodrag A. Dokovich aka Michael Hilton of the American Police Force (APF) seemed like a savior sent to rescue this part of Eastern Montana from its doom of gloom.

He came to town with a line of promises too good to be true and the Hardin town folk bit on it hook, line and sinker. They signed an agreement that would lease him their 465 inmate sitting empty medium security detention center for ten years. He promised to bring prisoners from other states into their empty detention center and implied that he was connected high up in the Obama administration.

[efoods]In turn he would supply computers, free health care for Hardin residents at the jail medical facility as well as form the City of Hardin police department by deconsolidating them from the Big Horn County Sheriff Department policing their town.

It turns out that Captain Michael, as he likes to be called, is a big time swindler with an extensive criminal record as well has having extensive civil judgments issued against him in California.

Hardin town officials are red faced but apparently have not been able to admit the fact that they have been had and are now pointing fingers at each other to find out who is to blame.

The Sheriff of Big Horn County is still in charge of policing the town of Hardin. The dispatcher in the office of Sheriff Lawrence “Pete: Big Hair acknowledged that they have been receiving a lot of calls from Hardin residents about all the hoopla in town and rumors abound.

He said that there are no reports about any one in Hardin being stopped by law enforcement looking type vehicles. Gun laws in Montana are the most lenient in the whole country. No permits are required for residents owning guns or rifles. He also said that Sheriff Big Hair would be the one approving and issuing concealed gun permits. Those records are not made available publicly.

The Sheriff’s dispatcher also confirmed that there are no security gates being built on the roads leading into or out of town although he joked that might not be a bad idea in order to keep the lookie loos out. His office has been overwhelmed by phone calls from the media and other interested parties trying to find out more about the purported take over of Hardin by the American Police Force.

Today’s Billing Gazette reported that Trina Maurer, chairwoman of the Hardin Chamber of Commerce, said APF made a false step when it showed up with the SUVs bearing police logos – “They would have been smart to buy a pickup” – but she said “it looks good and sounds good, and people are excited.”

Right now the American Police Force is sticking out like a sore thumb. They should get packing quickly before a real posse is formed to tar and feather, then run them out of town on a rail.

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