March 27, 2013

Actor Harrison Ford has teamed up with the “High Priests of Globalism” to save the planet. In a video (see link below), Ford explains his role at “nature advocacy” group Conservation International, a foundation in the hip pocket of the arch globalists over at the Rockefeller Foundation. He is flanked by CEO Peter Seligmann and Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

See the propaganda video here.

It really is amazing how clueless actors and Hollywood liberals like Ford and Angelina Jolie fall for the propaganda of the global elite and allow themselves to be used as tools.

No doubt Ford’s desire to save the planet is genuine. One has to ask, however, why he is blind to the agenda of the one-world fascist-socialist dictatorship cabal not sincerely interested in a clean and healthy environment – for us, anyway – but rather in consolidating wealth and controlling the planet, its resources and populations for their benefit.

“Unfortunately, the very real and pressing environmental concerns of the environmental movement have been hijacked by the elite to serve their own aims,” the Globalist Agenda explains. “They are now promoting global warming (recently rebranded as climate change since the earth really isn’t warming) as a real threat not to solve any real environmental issues but rather to promote a global system of taxation and control.”

The global warming scam – definitively debunked – is only the latest voodoo trick perpetuated by the ruling elite to convince humanity to accept their tyrannical rule and eugenics endgame. It has proffered a number of dystopian “solutions” to a non-existent global warming crisis. All the solutions ultimately terminate in fascist rule and a reduction of the surface population.

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