Haven’t gotten your flu shot yet? On Thursday, you can order one up using Uber.

Customers who normally use the Uber smartphone app to call for a ride will be able to request a flu shot — and a nurse in an Uber car will show up at their home or office in about three dozen cities across the country.

The charge is $10, but the nurse can give up to 10 flu shots at each location for no additional charge. So work colleagues can split the cost among themselves.

But it’s only a one-day offer.

Last year, the company provided flu shots for a day in Boston, New York, Washington and Chicago. The effort was so successful — with more than 2,000 vaccinations — that Uber and its partners decided to scale up this winter.

The on-demand flu shots will be available between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Passport Health, a travel-clinic company with locations across North America, is again providing the registered nurses.

Organizers expect interest to be high. Users will be able to tap an option labeled “UberHEALTH” to request a nurse.

“If you don’t get one the first time, you’ll get a message that basically says all cars are busy and to please try again,” said company representative Sarah Maxwell.

Organizers plan to have more than 10,000 flu shots available. Hundreds of nurses will be at the ready in Uber vehicles across the country, with the specific number varying by city, Maxwell said. The $10 fee will cover a portion of the total cost; the remainder is being donated by Uber, Passport Health, and Epidemico, a public health data mining company owned by Booz Allen Hamilton.

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