HOUSTON, Texas — A cleaning company has arrived at the scene of the apartment where the Dallas Ebola patient was staying prior to his diagnosis, Breitbart Texas has learned. Although the current condition of the apartment, where the patient’s girlfriend is quarantined, is unknown, the residence is set to be cleaned tonight.

According to CNN, three other individuals are quarantined inside the apartment along with the patient’s girlfriend. The outlet reported that linens soiled with sweat of the Ebola patient remain in the residence at this time.

Employees with the company Clean Guys Environmental (CGE) were near the apartment complex around 9 p.m.

One CGE employee told Breitbart Texas that the current plan is to enter the apartment tonight, assess the situation, make a plan, and then communicate with the CDC. Subsequent to such steps being taken, the cleaning process will begin.

It seems likely that the crew will attempt to remove everything that could be contaminated, due to contact with the Ebola patient.

CGE does not know what to expect as they search through the unit, but told Breitbart Texas the job should be a “walk in the park.” All employees entering the apartment unit will be fully dressed in bio suits.

American Red Cross were also on the scene Thursday night donating blankets and cots to the individuals currently in the apartment unit. It is likely that the bedding of the quarantined individuals will be removed from the unit.

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