MSNBC host Joe Scarborough couldn’t bring himself to invoke Alex Jones or Infowars by name while blasting Facebook for failing to completely censor us.

“They don’t actually put on the parts of Facebook where they have somebody calling for the assassination, appearing to call for the assassination of Robert Mueller, of accusing Robert Mueller of running a child sex ring,” Scarborough told the “Morning Joe” panel.

“I haven’t seen that on Facebook’s cute 30-second ads of late,” he continued. “If they want to be honest with the American people for once, if they’re going to put this filth and garbage on their platform, they need to put that in a 30-second commercial, or we’ll do it for them.”

Co-anchor Willie Geist then suggested that Facebook has no justification for allowing Jones and Infowars a place on its platform for questioning the official narrative of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

But New York Times political writer Nicholas Confessore pointed out that the social media giant “is a huge company and valuable because it’s all automated and scaled. They can’t possibly put people in place to look at all the content on Facebook.”

Scarborough, still refusing to mention Jones by name, shot back, claiming Jones is a special exception because he has controversial opinions surrounding Sandy Hook.

“The guy who was in the New York Times today who was forcing parents of Sandy Hook to move seven times after their children were slaughtered the Friday before they were getting off for Christmas break in 2012,” Scarborough said.

“This is not hard!” he exclaimed.

Confessore then hit Scarborough with a heaping dose of reality.

“There are a million Alex Joneses on Facebook and YouTube, by the way, which in some ways is even worse,” he said. “If they get into the business of regulating that content, they are out of business.”

Scarborough isn’t the only one to call for Infowars to be de-platformed.

CNN also lobbied Facebook to ban Infowars completely despite the tech company assuring them they’ve “down-ranked” our content by 80%.

Several Democrat Congressmen also pressured Facebook to ban Infowars and Alex Jones during hearings last month.

Unfortunately for Facebook, the American people have woken up to the censorship and data-selling, which may explain in part why its stock, along with Twitter, cratered by $120+ billion last week.


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