Peter Suciu
May 1, 2014

In the truly grand scheme of things, the Heartbleed security flaw currently only affects a very small portion of the Internet. According to researchers, the flaw affects roughly 500,000 websites, and many have already been patched.

However, it has also come to light that the patch to the “secure socket” program, which encrypts data online and thus protects user information on secure sites, was only made after two years of vulnerability on some of the most heavily trafficked sites online.

These include Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Wikipedia. As a result, an untold number of regular Internet users might have had at least some of their key personal information compromised when using those websites.

Some Internet users are already taking action, but it might not be enough say security experts; and now, one in five IT security professionals have said that their enterprises have been the target of advanced persistent threat (APT), and that 62 percent of organizations have not increased security training in 2014 to combat this threat. This was according to the ISACA 2014 APT Survey.

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