British Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps stated on Wednesday that the country’s largest airport will introduce special areas for people arriving from countries affected by the coronavirus.

“There’s been some announcements this morning about flights that come directly from the infected region to Heathrow with some additional measures there. This is to ensure that when flights come in directly to Heathrow there is a separate area for people to arrive in,” Shapps told Sky News.

In late December, a mysterious type of pneumonia broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has since been confirmed by China and the World Health Organisation to be a new strain of coronavirus.

Stand up comedians Tim Dillon and Ben Avery join Alex Jones to discuss the attack on free speech and how making people laugh could be the key to saving the 1st Amendment.

A new strain of coronavirus called 2019-nCoV, that can be transmitted from human to human was confirmed earlier by the World Health Organisation and China after the disease broke out in the country’s city of Wuhan.

So far, the virus has claimed the lives of at least nine people with more than 400 being infected. Besides China, the virus has also been registered in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Earlier in the day, the Public Health Ministry of Thailand confirmed that the first Thai citizen had been infected with the coronavirus.

Alex Jones shows how 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties in Virginia make up the overwhelming majority of the state, yet a small percentage of cities are trying to enforce unconstitutional laws on the rest of the populace.

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