Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday is the big day – the day when you can make a statement and pledge your support for one of the most exciting and ambitious developments that the alternative media has ever undertaken, by participating in the Infowars Money Bomb.

Based loosely on the success of the Ron Paul money bombs, which catapulted the Texas Congressman’s presidential campaign into the national spotlight, the Infowars Money Bomb is your chance to play a crucial role in loading the cannons for an all-out assault on the corporate media monopoly in America.

Since our primary mission is simply to tell the truth, big corporate military-industrial complex sponsors who fund the likes of CNN and Fox News are not welcome here, but we do rely on our listeners and readers to keep fuel in our tanks and fire in our bellies.

That is why we are asking as many people as possible to donate this Saturday and help us figuratively build a bigger megaphone to wake up the sleeping masses.

Where will the money go?

Alex hopes to launch a new television show on the Dish Network, thus reaching thousands, possibly millions of additional people and warn them of the nefarious plans of the global elite and the New World Order. Time is of the essence in this fight.

All funds will be directed straight towards building a new TV studio stage, buying cameras and hiring additional staff to run the operation.

Nothing like this has ever been undertaken by a truly independent media outlet but we can only achieve our goal with your support!

Let’s do this! Get the word out, blog, forum, chat, email; let everyone know about this Moneybomb. Go build a MySpace page place posters on telephone poles, invite everyone, do anything you can! This must happen. $100 will not break anyone’s bank or you can donate any amount you choose. Collectively, we can each donate an amount and create a massive force for Alex Jones to use toward educating our peers about the coming economic crisis, the fraudulent carbon threat, the coming police state and more… it is all up to you and I. There are thousands who listen to Alex Jones every day. This is your one chance to blast a crater into the side of the establishment. Pledge! This has never been done before, make history!

Supporters who donate $75 will automatically receive an Endgame gift DVD and supporters who donate $100 or more will receive Endgame and Terrorstorm DVD’s. We encourage you to make copies and hand them out to your friends and neighbors as part of a new Infowar offensive.

If you prefer, you can also choose to support us by buying Alex’s DVD’s or becoming a subscriber to Prison

More than anything, the corporate media sorely needs a run for its money — and needs an effective challenge, as it cannot be allowed to dominate not only the airwaves, but the very minds of the people. Alex does not enjoy the support and patronage of big corporations with deep pockets, nor does he enjoy the filthy lucre of foundations and rich families. Alex Jones depends on your generosity and commitment to the fight.

Please click here and make a donation to the fight. $2 million will go a long way. And will make it impossible for the elite and the corporate media they control to dominate information as they have done now for far too long.

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