Alan Howe
Herald Sun
May 22, 2011

It wasn’t that long ago that the deluded voters of California so loved their Governor – a womanising, bodybuilding actor, perfect qualifications for West Coast leadership – that 65 per cent of them supported him, and a number of influential Americans were calling for the US Constitution to be hurriedly changed so that Arnie might make a run for the White House.

One of them was his poor wife Maria Shriver. Part of the Kennedy dynasty, she might have known politics, but she didn’t know her man. When some Silicon Valley bigwigs started spending money on the campaign to have her husband for President, Shriver agreed. “Absolutely” there should be an amendment to clear the way for Schwarzenegger to run.

Syndicated radio host Alex Jones, once a Republican, saw things differently: “He’s a bully and a preening peacock who is totally power-mad,” he said. “For God’s sake, don’t let this megalomaniac become president.”

Jones was right. Shriver was wrong. And what a price she has paid – her children growing up in a house alongside their housemaid’s son, also Arnie’s offspring.

By now Shriver must know the absurdly ambitious Schwarzenegger has cunningly manipulated her, probably since they first met in 1977, their relationship starting, of course, when he was deeply involved with another.

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