Patrick Henningsen
October 6, 2011

A wacky Victorian idea concocted by global warmists and climate changlings- of a 1 kilometer-long giant hose pipe attached to a blimp, has been delayed because more time and money is needed for ‘consultation’. Time to catch your breath.

This week, self-styled climate scientists from Bristol University were hoping to launch their big new toy in Norfolk, England. Their mad plan, which entails launching a helium-filled blimp, tethered by a 1 km long hosepipe which will spray reflective particles into the air, is part of a growing movement of bored scientists, known as geoengineering. By simulating this new man-made “volcanic eruption”, this team of career-academic climate hacks are hoping to save humanity from certain doom.

The new crack-team of climate engineers is led by the likes of David Whelan, “a man who spent years in the US defence department working on the stealth bomber”. Apparently, he’s Boeing’s chief scientist, a man who spends his days working on “ways to find new solutions to world’s most challenging problems”.

Whelan is supposed to be top dog in a Specially Convened Taskforce, touted by climatists as “the cream of the emerging science and military”.

Joining him is Stanford University atmosphere scientist Ken Caldeira from the  National laboratory at Livermore, CA , home to Reagan’s pricey “star wars” failure. Low and behold, he also manages billionaire Bill Gates’s Geoengineering Research Budget.

The team of Victorian-style climate inventors is rounded out by David Keith, a Canadian who has a company developing a machine…  that sucks CO2 out of the air. No joke (well, it’s not meant to be anyway).

This is definitely the ‘A Team’ of climate crazies.

They are part of a new bizarre hydra head, a science fiction movement which has managed to claw in some millions in state funding. This is the new “Geoengineering lobby” that has somehow sprouted out of the IPCC’s now discredited elite climate club, and it includes various academics, former ambassadors, an assistant secretary of state, military engineers and a “chief US climate negotiator”. As if climatism couldn’t get any more divorced from reality.

Put simply, this new A Team of “US expertise”, is merely a group of men who hope to do what every other charlatan has managed to do behind the battle cry of Al Gore’s sermon of climate doom and holy jihad against the planet- that is, position themselves for vast potential future profits for their institutions and geo-engineering companies.

The spell cast over the guilt-ridden middle classes of North America and Europe, of apocalyptic prophecies and sea levels rising- is fast wearing off, and climatists do know this. Thus, the dash for climate cash has never been more desperate than it is today.

During a cash-strapped global economic crisis, you’d think we couldn’t afford to play around with expensive toys used to fight imaginary enemies… you’d think.

Thanks to one reader, known here as Battle Hymn, who asked simply, “What is the “environmental” movement doing for the planet?

His answer:

Spraying sulfur in the atmoshphere
Blanketing the skies with chemtrails of barium and aluminum
Deforesting millions of acres to grow corn for ethanol
Demanding that we fill our landfills with mercury-laden compact flourescent lightbulbs
Openly advocating dispersing sterilants into the drinking water
Ramping up production of batteries with extremely toxic byproducts for hybrid vehicles
Demanding regulations that cause our jobs to shipped to foreign nations
Driving up our energy costs

Apparently, some governments still have got money to burn.



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