Presidential front-runner Donald Trump has praised the government-run healthcare systems of Canada and Britain, and suggests these socialized systems work well . . . and says we can’t have poor people “dying in the streets.”

“What about the poor?” is inevitably asked of people who promote free enterprise in medicine.

Good question. Let’s look at actual results, not sentiment or good intentions.

In the U.S., Medicaid is generally the means for payment for medical services for the poor. The services are, however, the same regardless of the payment method (Medicaid or private). In socialized systems, the payment method is the same for rich and poor, and service is provided by government-salaried workers.

As is typical of socialism, more money does not buy you more or better services, but political influence often does.

Many decry favoritism for the politically influential in socialized systems. Consequently, it was big news when the former director of the U.K.’s National Health Service died in 2011. Margaret Hutchon died in her own hospital, located in the town where she was mayor.

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