Kurt Nimmo
November 15, 2011

photoMartin Sheen played a psychopath who would become president.

Forget about Herman Cain’s alleged problems with women. His tenuous grasp on reality and anger management problem should immediately disqualify him as a candidate.

In the video here, Cain is asked about “extra precautions” he would take with Muslims. Later in the interview, he irately screams at a questioner that he did not say he would take the precautions he earlier said he would take.

Can you imagine this man as president?

A lot of people said the inexperienced community organizer nobody from Chicago – Barack Obama – didn’t stand a chance, and yet the guy now sits in the White House.

He is there because that’s who the ruling elite wanted. If they want Cain, he will be in the White House, too. It seems improbable they would want him, but you never know. Maybe they want a hot-headed anger management candidate who ran the Kansas City Federal Reserve in there.

After watching the clip below, I am reminded of David Crononberg’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. In the novel, a psychopath named Stillson becomes president. He orders a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union and unleashes global Armageddon.

I am not sure Cain is as mentally unhinged as King’s character, however his behavior in the video below calls into question his ability to control himself when confronted.

Can you imagine a guy like this as commander in chief during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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