Mike Adams
Natural News
Jan 4, 2013

Most people aren’t aware of this fact, but thousands of commercial airline pilots routinely bring loaded guns onto airplanes and fly with those guns in their possession, right on the flight deck. This is perfectly legal, and the guns are all privately-owned by the pilots themselves.

In 2008, there were nearly 10,000 gun-possessing airline pilots in America, and the number continues to grow. Up to 90,000 airline crewmembers are eligible to carry a firearm on airplanes during passenger flights, according to USA Today. These guns provide a huge deterrent against hijackers and terrorists, as they allow highly-trained pilots to return fire and potentially kill hijackers before they can take control of the airplane and turn it into a weapon.

I find it fascinating that anti-gun people (“gun grabbers”) routinely fly on planes flown by armed pilots carrying loaded guns. By definition, all gun-grabbers should refuse to fly because they don’t trust “citizens with guns.” In their view, pilots cannot be trusted with guns even though pilots are already trusted with the entire airplane and therefore hold the lives of hundreds of passengers in their hands at any moment.

Under Dianne Feinstein’s proposed gun control legislation, U.S. airline pilots would be forced to surrender their guns to the government and fly with no gun protection whatsoever. This would make airplanes “gun free zones” and cause them to be prime targets for psychopathic criminals in the same way that public schools are easy targets right now. Taking away guns from responsible citizens like airline pilots sends a clear message to criminals: It’s open season! Smuggle a weapon onto an airplane, and it’s all yours!

U.S. Senators to cause another 9/11 airplane hijacking?

In this way, Dianne Feinstein’s gun control measure would actually set up America for another 9/11-style terrorist attack by disarming responsible airline pilots and making airplanes vulnerable to armed hijackers. FAA security tests reveal that efforts to sneak bombs and firearms onto airplanes succeed 95% of the time.

Does Feinstein have no understanding of the fact that disarming all the law-abiding citizens only creates a risk-free shooting range for criminals? If the Sandy Hook massacre is an example of a small-scale gun-free zone, imagine what will happen if Senators and lawmakers vote to make the entire country a “gun-free zone.” We’ll be looking at mass hijackings, home burglaries, robberies, murders and rapes at record numbers, all across the country.

Armed criminals are rooting for Dianne Feinstein

The sooner she can shove gun control through Congress, the sooner it’s open season on innocent victims and airline hijackings. The one thing armed criminals really want is for law-abiding citizens to be completely disarmed.

If you believe the 9/11 terrorism narrative, then you also have to believe that terrorists can’t wait for pilots to be disarmed by new laws so that airplanes can once again be easily hijacked and turned into weapons of mass death.

Dianne Feinstein, Obama, Schumer and other anti-America gun grabbers are playing right into the hands of terrorists by pursuing gun control legislation.

50,000 armed pilots would make our skies far safer for everyone

The answer to crime, of course, is to put more guns into the hands of good peopleAirline surveys suggest that 50,000 pilots would gladly carry guns on airplanes if concealed carry rules were more streamlined for pilots.

This would mean having 50,000 more “good guys” armed against terrorists, hijackers and criminals. That would make our skies safer and far more resistant to crime.

But shhhh! Don’t tell the liberals that pilots are armed, or they may refuse to fly altogether. After all, they think that guns magically leap out of their holsters are start gunning down children automatically. “Guns are bad,” they’ve said. And that must mean airline pilots who already carry those guns are bad, too.

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