It was only a matter of time before the 2016 U.S. presidential election spawned its first wave of odd Super PACs, and we’re starting things on a high note with “Millennials for Jeb.”

Wait, what? Are Jeb Bush supporters launching an entire campaign to target a demographic that is significantly more likely to vote for Democrats in presidential elections?

You bet.

Move over, Americans older than 34—the millennials are taking over, and they want to rewrite the Constitution‘s preamble to be short, sweet, and bipartisan. A quintessential aspect of every millennial-oriented campaign is extensive use of social media. Being a curious millennial myself, I quickly added “MILLENNIALS4JEB” on Snapchat and Instagram, as the site sugge

I was met with disappointment. The Snapchat account had no Stories for me to check out, and it didn’t respond to the selfie I sent asking why I should vote Jeb. The Instagram account was equally disappointing; its only picture was a screenshot of the Super PAC’s website. Lame.

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