Adan Salazar
January 1, 2013

After the shooting in Newtown, Conn. left her emotionally traumatized, high school student Courtni Webb vented the best way she knew how, through poetry.

Her poem spoke about the possible motivations that could have inspired Adam Lanza’s murderous rampage, but apparently that was ground not to be treaded on as the school suspended her for it and is threatening to permanently expel her.

Her school, the Life Learning Academy on Treasure Island in San Franscisco, Cali., saw the poem as a threat and said it violated their zero tolerance policy on violence.

The Daily Mail posted an extract from the poem:

They wanna hold me back

I run but still they still attack

My innocence, I won’t get back

I used to smile

They took my kindness for weakness

The silence the world will never get

I understand the killing in Conecticut

I know why he pulled the trigger

The government is a shame

Society never wants to take the blame

Society puts these thoughts in our head

Misery loves company

If I can’t be loved no one can

According to NBC, a teacher found the poem and gave it to administrators who saw it fit to suspend her.

“…we discovered a note…that contained deeply concerning, and threatening language related to the recent school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut,” the letter sent to Courtni’s mother by school administrators states. “Our concerns are for both the safety of our school community and for Courtni herself.”

“I feel like I’ve been made to look almost like a monster by my school and I don’t appreciate that at all,” Courtni expressed to NBC recently.

Courtni, 17, says the school blew things out of proportion because her poem only spoke to the societal defects helping to nurture violent tendencies. “Why are we oppressed by a dysfunctional community of haters and blamers? The meaning of the poem is just talking about society and how I understand why things like that incident happened. So it’s not like I’m agreeing with it, but that’s how the school made it seem,” Courtni told ABC.

Courtni had frequently written on the subject of death and suicide before as “it’s a genre she likes,” according to CNN, however, she says she is truly saddened that her school would think she would act out any form of violence and insists a person cannot be judged by what they’re creatively inspired to write, citing Stephen King as an example of someone who visits very dark places in his writing, but never commits violent acts.

“For example, the only person I can think of would be like Stephen King. He writes weird stuff all the time. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna do it or act it out,” Webb said according to CNN.

The San Francisco Unified School District will decide whether the poem has artistic merit or is in reality a genuine threat, which would likely result in her expulsion.

“’I feel like they violated her freedom of speech,’ Webb’s mother Valerie Statham told NBC,” reported Business Insider.

The shooting in Newtown, which has yet to see surveillance footage surface, has inspired a wave of neurotic paranoia throughout the country that seemingly knows no bounds.

Instead of encouraging and allowing open discussion or analysis of the tragic event to seek real answers for the hundreds of questions that abound, the public is only allowed to ponder mainstream media talking points, effectively suppressing our constitutionally protected right.

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