Quantum Computing could give hackers the tools required to carry-out tough hacks and even bypass the most stringent security measures designed to keep infiltrations out.

Information is integral for online interactions and transactions. Most websites require us to provide a range of personal details based on what we are signing up for. Bank websites and Hospitals have a very highly guarded data storage because of the sensitive nature of the information they hold.

Information passed around the web during interactions are heavily guarded but still are accessed by hackers worldwide. Data leaks and hacks of famous websites always cause uproar. Scientists are looking to better the data transfer to improve security for sensitive data that could be accessed unethically. In their latest effort, they are looking to use quantum computing to shield your data.

Now, Scientists from Duke University, the Ohio State University (OSU) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have said that improvements in quantum computing would give them more power to crack open existing encryption systems.

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