We’ve written about body shaming and safe spaces here at LouderWithCrowder before.

We’ve always felt that we’ve sensitively treated the subjects with the mockery and sarcasm it deserves. But last night South Park raised the bar. Long story short, Cartman claimed he was being “fat shamed” on social media for posting a picture of himself in his underwear, so PC Principal wanted one of the students to moderate his social media for him and only give him the positive comments. Everyone chose two weeks detention instead…except for poor Butters.

It mocked celebrities claiming they were being bullied, and hashtag activists with #shamelessamerica and #completelyshameless. Really, we could go with any clip, so why not the musical number?

And of course, South Park works blue so this may be NSFW…

Everyone likes me and thinks I’m great in my safe space.

People don’t judge me and haters don’t hate in my safe space.

You might call me a p****, but I won’t hear you in my safe space.

And that’s when the villain shows up. The villain named “Reality.” I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard just from recapping it. This is how you do satire folks. Not to be confused with the ‘new rules’ of comedy as expressed by Sarah Silverman or the ‘comedians’ at The View. You can read more about said comedy policing here.

You owe it to yourself to watch the entire episode. South Park has been on fire this season! Like I’ve said, politically speaking, the GOP is doing very poorly. They’re out of touch and culturally irrelevant. Largely because they haven’t tapped into something larger, something that South Park sees.

Culturally, the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way. There’s a huge rejection of political correctness and speech-policing coming from millennial. If Conservatives weren’t so quick to squander every opportunity given to them, they’d watch South Park and take notes.

Instead they’ll probably continue selling Gold and self-lubricating pocket catheters to the 64-78 year old demo. Ah well.

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