Hillary Clinton’s damning new speech attacking Alex Jones and the Alt-Right coupled with her new ad linking Trump to the KKK illustrate her contempt for nationalism and lack of understanding of the Alt-Right movement.

Trump, who is “a man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far dark reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military,” Clinton said in Reno, Nevada today.

Hillary then attacked Jones, saying that he [correctly] called 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings “inside jobs”, even going as far to call him “disgusting” for pointing out the false flag nature of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“I don’t know what happens in somebody’s mind, or how dark their heart must be to say things like that,” Hillary said. “But Trump doesn’t challenge these lies. He actually went on Jones’s show and said ‘Your reputation is amazing. I won’t let you down’.”

Trump responded to Hillary’s previous racism accusation in a speech in New Hampshire, calling it “tired and disgusting.”

“She lies and she smears and she paints decent Americans as racists,” Trump said.

“Hillary Clinton isn’t just attacking me, she’s attacking all of the decent people of all backgrounds who support this incredible once-in-a-lifetime movement.”

According to CNN, the Alt-Right is a “sanitization of racism and white supremacy”. Contrary to the mainstream media narrative, the Alt-Right is not founded in racism. The “far dark reaches of the internet” that Hillary refers to is the Alt-Right movement found in internet chat boards such as 4chan, notorious for their anonymously shared memes and trolling. The banter and memes are then interpreted by the left as serious discourse rather than satire.

The Alt-Right philosophy is rooted in paleoconservative principles: tradition, limited government and civil society as well as a Western (Greco-Roman rooted) national identity. Likewise, the Alt-Right movement rejects multiculturalism, globalism, Federalism, and any other abstract principle that isn’t rooted in religion, heritage, or tradition.

Thus, Hillary’s motivation to attack this movement is apparent. It’s not about racism for her; Democratic Party is notoriously racist, and in fact is the party of the KKK. She fears the Alt-Right because it’s a major hurdle for the globalist agenda. It flies in the face of every globalist viewpoint and promotes a way of thinking that the globalists are hell-bent on destroying: love for one’s country and culture.

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