At her recent book signing in Austin, Texas, Hillary Clinton said that Americans who don’t believe in gun control are “intimidating” the population, in addition to suggesting that the Drudge Report and independent media carry “bad information.”

In her characterization of the Drudge Report as “bad information,” Clinton alluded to the “marketplace of ideas,” in which the truth will emerge from the competition of ideas in a public discourse, when she suggested that the alternative media can be countered with establishment spin, which is “truth” in her mind.

“…There’s so much opinion and information out there in the world and the best way to deal with bad information is with good information, right,” she said to Infowars.

Yet when it comes to Americans who don’t believe in gun control, Hillary is not in favor of a marketplace of ideas because, according to her, they are not debating the issue but are rather “intimidating” the population with their beliefs.

“What I meant to say and think I did say, that a minority that believes in absolutely no restrictions is terrorizing the majority,” she stated to Infowars. “I think universal background checks are imminently reasonable under the Constitution and I believe that they should have been passed after the murders at Sandy Hook and now we have many more murders.”

“They can, they can keep talking (inaudible) but they do more than talk; in my opinion they intimidate.”

So if you think that restrictions are infringements, just as the Constitution puts them, then you are “terrorizing” and “intimidating” the population, according to Hillary.

It certainly seems that to her, freedom of speech is great in principle, but when it conflicts with her agenda, it’s terrorizing.

Also, in a bout of hypocrisy, Hillary clarified to us, after we had to pass through layers of security at the book signing to even reach her, that the 99% of Americans without an army of security guards should just shut up about their right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

To her, the “right of the people” to keep and bear arms is not an absolute right. Anyone in government – federal, state or local – can put restrictions on it as they wish. She can call for rights to be restricted with bans on high capacity magazines, assault weapons (however they’re defined) and background checks.

But turning our God-given rights into government granted privileges by incremental restrictions is infringement; they simply reduce the Bill of Rights into a “Suggestion of Privileges.”

And don’t expect those who show contempt for some of our rights to respect any of them at all, especially not Hillary Clinton.

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