On December 27 a video was posted to Twitter by Jay Malsky, in which he chanted “Lock him up!” when President Trump was presented at Disney World’s ‘Hall of Presidents.’

The attraction is made up of animatronic representations of every past US President, which gives a customized speech based on their accomplishments.

As part of Disney World’s list of pricey attractions, the Hall of Presidents is meant to be an educational show honoring a portion of our nation’s history, but rabid leftists such as Malsky cannot contain their unhealthy hatred for Donald Trump, as he thought it necessary that the event be ruined for both parents and children attending.

He began filming as the show led up to sitting President Donald Trump, and when the Trump robot began to speak Malsky began chanting “lock him up”; other audience members can be heard groaning and telling the protester to quiet down.

When a young woman mentioned how frightened the young children in attendance must have been, Malsky replied:

It seems that he believes the unfortunate situations of some children (undoubtedly put into those situations by their parents, not Trump) is justification for his unhinged and frightening behavior in front of other children.

He even stated that anyone who disagrees with his choice of protest needs to “check their privilege”

Jay Malsky is a self-proclaimed sketch comedian and character actor from New York.

On his website he lists multiple “drag comedy characters”, one of which being Hillary Clinton.

Anyone that sits through the “comedy” routine sample videos on his website can surely understand the misery and self-loathing that drives a man to the embarrassing state that Mr. Malsky has found himself in.


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