The superdelegates in the United States have an unfair influence over US elections and will help to nominate the candidate who best represents the global financial elites, a writer and researcher in Florida says.

“The political system of the United States is a democracy in name only. There is a democratic facade that hides the reality that the true polity of America is plutocracy, or government by the wealthy,” Walt Peretto told Press TV on Monday.

“Voting in the United States has little to no influence on who ends up staffing the federal government. The election system is mainly in place to offer the common people the illusion of democracy so that psychologically they will feel participatory in their own affairs instead of dictated to,” Peretto said.

“It’s clear that the global financial elites who issue the currencies of the United States and almost all of the currencies of the world intend to place Hillary Clinton into the White House in January,” he observed.

“This career criminal and clinical psychopath would be a perfect agent for the globalists as she will be obedient to their whims and she is ready and more than willing to advance their agenda of one world government and one world currency,” Peretto added.

“The [Bernie] Sanders campaign is now coming to terms with these realities and they are beginning to speak out after these huge primary victories,” he noted.

Sanders, a US Senator from Vermont and a presidential hopeful, says his overwhelming victory in the Saturday caucuses can help him win the support of elected Democratic Party officials over frontrunner Clinton.

Sanders is convinced he has the support needed to persuade senior party members, or so-called superdelegates, to back his campaign against Clinton in the fight for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders backers have expressed dissatisfaction with the less-than-democratic super delegate system, in which top elected Democrats and party officials are automatic delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Unlike regular delegates, the superdelegates are unpledged, meaning they are free to back whichever candidate they want, regardless of their state’s caucus or primary results. Those superdelegates nationally have favored Clinton by a huge margin.

“Superdelegates do not represent the will of the people; instead they are agents of the internationalists and they are often the deciding factor in who ultimately gets the nomination. And this works the same way in both corporate parties,” Peretto said.

Sanders, 74, is a leading proponent of issues such as income inequality, universal healthcare, parental leave, climate change, and campaign finance reform in the US.

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