Hillary Clinton previewed a $350 billion infrastructure and jobs plan over the weekend, bringing the total amount of government spending she has proposed throughout her presidential campaign to about $1 trillion.

Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, unveiled her infrastructure spending proposal in Boston on Sunday, a plan that would cost American taxpayers $275 billion over the next five years. The infrastructure proposal is part of a larger jobs agenda that will cost upwards of $350 billion, CNN reported, and comes in addition to the at least $650 billion that Clinton’s previously announced policy proposals would cost taxpayers over a decade.

The Wall Street Journal reported in September that Clinton’s policy proposals would cost the federal government at least $650 billion over 10 years, including a $350 billion plan to ensure college affordability.

Clinton has also unveiled a $10 billion substance abuse plan, a $60 billion solar panel plan, and a $30 billion plan to help coal communities.

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