At 69 years of age during the next presidential inauguration, Hillary Clinton will be the second oldest president if elected.

When the next president is inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017, Clinton will be 69 years, two months and 25 days old and only Ronald Reagan was older at his inauguration, but only by a little over eight months.

So far, the second oldest president at inauguration, William Henry Harrison, was 68 years and 23 days old upon his swearing in, an age which Clinton will reach a little over three weeks from now.

Although age is just a number, the former Secretary of State is also suffering from numerous health problems which raise doubts over her ability to serve as president.

“She is old and she’s sick; she is not a contender,” media pioneer Matt Drudge said during a rare interview on the Alex Jones Show. “They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things; it’s like a head on a stick.”

“She is not a viable, vibrant leader for this country of 300, including the illegals 380 million Americans.”

For one, Clinton suffers from hypothyroidism, the symptoms of which include fatigue, muscle weakness, irregular heart rates and impaired memory.

“Hillary’s health was the biggest revelation at [the Benghazi] hearing,” Matt Drudge more recently tweeted out. “Coughing fit, slow-speaking, obviously induced by meds.”

“Last time [at a hearing] she showed up with prism glasses from a blood clot and vertigo; today it’s obviously anti-anxiety meds, hypothyroid issues.”

Concerns over Clinton’s health gained steam in late 2012 when she apparently suffered a concussion.

“One doesn’t need to be a physician… to have seen that Clinton has not appeared exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed of late,” Mary Stanik, a former healthcare spokeswoman, wrote in 2013. “She looks to have gained a significant amount of weight since 2008.”

“She seems pale, tired, and yes, aged… she’s said that she would like to know again what it’s like to not be tired.”

Clinton turned 68 on Oct. 26.

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