Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s ideological mobs continue the organized anarchy in the streets on the second night following the election. Riots, arson, property damage and looting continue via Clinton/Obama supporters.

Portland, Oregon:

President Obama is playing a dangerous game of self-preservation, by allowing the streets of Democrat controlled metropolitan areas to collapse into anarchy.  Using his community organizing leverage, the fresh prince of Bill Ayers is counting on his ability to pressure Donald Trump into promising himself and Clinton will escape investigation and/or prosecution.

However, Donald Trump’s background is not that of a politician; and at this point this action is almost sure to backfire.  The Democrats are destroying themselves, and damaging their own political party.

If President Obama and Secretary Clinton do not speak out today to stop the rioting mob, they run the very real risk of President Elect Donald Trump calling them out publicly, for not doing so…

New York:

trump-protest-new-yorkThe Anger Games

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