Hillary Clinton seems to have embraced the recent talking points about Russia’s alleged interference with the election, specifically the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin made cyber warfare his personal business in order to satisfy a personal vendetta against her.

Clinton hosted a party last night in New York City in order to thank the biggest donors to her presidential campaign. Multiple news outlets spoke with donors attending the event, and these sources described a measure of anger from the Clinton camp about how the FBI handled their investigations on Russia’s cyber-activities.

According to the sources in attendance, Clinton did not mention President-elect Donald Trump by name in her speech, but she did bring up how Putin has held a grudge against her ever since she questioned the fairness of the 2011 Russian parliamentary election. Putin accused Clinton of interfering with the election at the time, and he blamed her when protests occurred afterwards.

Michael McFaul, who previously served as American ambassador to Russia, expressed the same views as Clinton during an interview earlier this week.

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