Hillary Clinton’s campaign has launched the “My Dream, Your Vote” campaign to reach 730 thousand “young people” brought here illegally.

The group, known as “dreamers” were shielded with executive order from deportation and allowed to work legally in 2012.

Peter Sutherland, former Goldman Sachs chair, now head of the United Nations Migrant Council says he will undermine western culture with enhanced migrant mobility.

Locals in Calais, France are warned about the out of control migrant population.

Migrants largely housed in a make shift town called “the jungle” are welding bats and knives, and are smashing car windows as the owners sit in traffic.

Here in the U.S., Black Lives Matter rioters are caught on camera saying “Beat Whites” on streets of Milwaukee in the wake of mass protests, arson and riots following the police shooting of Sylville Smith.

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