Dennis Cheng, the finance director of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the man behind what has been predicted to grow to a $2 billion operation, is serious, soft-spoken, unflappable, and fiercely loyal to his boss.

He is never quoted in the press. He doesn’t participate in profiles, won’t be interviewed, and doesn’t head to cable TV to defend Hillary Clinton against the Republican onslaught. In a political-media sphere in which contact with the Clintons can be a golden ticket to every green room of your dreams, Cheng is determined to be unseen and unheard from.

But, if some Republican operatives have their way, he’s about to become the face of Clintonian corruption.

To hear them tell it, Cheng is the Clinton family’s shadowy and silent partner, one who bounces between the various planets in the Clinton universe, tasked with the one job that the Clintons value above all else: gobbling up hordes of cash.

And they plan to make Cheng known to the wider public, hoping that he becomes the face of the interwoven worlds of Hillary Clinton. And if it hurts her fundraising too, well, all the better.

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