December: President Obama nominates Hillary Clinton for secretary of state.


Jan. 13: Reports say the clintonemail.com domain was established.

Jan. 21: Senate confirms Clinton as secretary of state.

March 18: Clinton will later name this as the date she began using a private server for government business.


Sept. 11: Islamic extremists launch the terrorist attacks on U.S. compounds in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

October: Clinton convenes Accountability Review Board (ARB) to investigate State Dept. actions surrounding Benghazi.

After the ARB and Congress call for Benghazi-related documents, top Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan are allegedly present at a document sorting session in the basement of the State Dept., according to Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, who later told me he witnessed the operation. No law enforcement body contacted or interviewed Maxwell.

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