Infowars’ “Hillary for Prison 2016” banner will take to the skies this weekend flying over a Hillary Clinton speaking event at a Florida college.

download (1)The Infowars team and are once again teaming up to display the eye-catching aerial banner Saturday, July 23 at Florida International University, 11200 SW 8th St. in Miami, Florida.

Be part of this momentous event by donating to our “Hillary for Prison” sky banner GoFundMe page.

After several successful flybys at the RNC in Cleveland, which were covered by CNN and Fox News, it’s imperative to get the message of Hillary’s criminal activity out to her supporters. will also fly the banner at other Hillary events this weekend before the Democratic National Convention on Monday.

In addition to the air banner, Infowars will also drive trucks towing “Hillary for Prison” signs around Philadelphia, especially in light of FAA flight restrictions in place during the DNC.

Help us keep this banner flying by donating to the Infowars and GoFundMe page.

Also, help support Infowars by picking up your own Hillary for Prison shirt.

We encourage everyone who can attend the event to photograph or videotape the aerial banner and send images and video to [email protected], or use the hashtag #HillaryforPrison.

Read the details below:


Watch: Aerial Footage Hillary For Prison Banner Flies Over RNC Cleveland

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