Hillary Clinton has cancelled her election night fireworks show in New York, which indicates Donald Trump is starting to win with a tsunami of support the elites can’t stop through vote rigging.

The Clinton campaign had planned a two minute firework display over the Hudson River which would be visible from her election night party in anticipation of her winning the election – but now those plans are over.

The Coast Guard told TMZ.com that the campaign refused to explain why the display was cancelled. TMZ reporters also did not receive a response from the campaign.

“Looks like it’ll be strictly sparklers for Hillary Tuesday night… IF she wins,” TMZ reported.

In related news, the Drudge Report revealed that in Florida, a swing state, Trump is already ahead of Mitt Romney’s 2012 vote count by 130,000 ballots in early voting, and pointed out that Florida Republicans tend to outvote Democrats on Election Day.

Trump is leading in mainstream Florida polls which typically oversample in favor of Democrats.

The populist candidate is likely to pick up traditionally Democratic states on election day, such as New Mexico.

“Trump is now leading Clinton by 5 points in the crossover vote, more Democrats are voting for Trump than Republicans are voting for Clinton,” the Zia poll indicated.

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