A protester interrupted former President Bill Clinton during a campaign rally for his wife in Canton, Ohio, Tuesday shouting, “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” while holding a display bearing the same message.

“Don’t worry about that,” Clinton assures the distracted crowd.

“I can tell you one thing, I love it when people come into my rallies and it’s a dead giveaway when they don’t ever want to have a conversation because they know they’ll lose the conversation.”

A second person also called Bill Clinton a “rapist” during a Fox 5 Nevada broadcast outside a Trump rally today.

These two latest videos come just days after two other men appeared on national broadcasts denouncing alleged sex crimes against the president.

The protests are part of a contest announced Friday on the Alex Jones Show offering payouts to anyone who can do one of the following while on local or national television:

a) $1k for visual: Wear Infowars “Bill Clinton Rape” shirt on television for at least 5 seconds

b) $5k for visual/audio: Anyone who can be vocally heard saying “Bill Clinton is a rapist” while wearing the shirt or displaying similar imagery.

In order to qualify, participants must follow the contest rules as well as any applicable laws – both local and federal.

The contest will continue through the election, or until $100,000 in prizes have been given out. Prizes to be awarded at Infowars’ discretion.

Entries can be emailed to rape@infowars.com.

Tune in to the Alex Jones Show weekdays from 11AM-2PM Central and Sunday 4-6PM Central for updates.

Pick up your Bill Clinton Rape shirt by clicking the image below:

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