Though her latest TV ad touts children as an important focus of her campaign, Hillary Clinton was seemingly less concerned about a group of kids who awaited her promised arrival with decorations galore at a New Hampshire boys and girls club on Friday.

Claiming time restraints, the 2016 presidential hopeful left town, leaving some kids disappointed and in tears.

Traci Tucker, an official at the boys and girls club, spoke to  local news station, NH1:

It just didn’t happen. She ran out of time. There were tears — they were really looking forward to it.

Tucker explained that Mrs. Clinton’s bathroom was decked out with artwork and welcome signs made by some of the 30 to 35 children, ranging in age from 5 to 13.

Michael Bormes, and his son Landon, also spoke with NH1. Upon hearing the news, young Landon said, “I was kind of angry and mad at the same time.” Landon’s father had more to say:

You want to be president of the United States, it starts with the youth. She couldn’t even live up to a promise that was made, or that was told to these kids.

Landon said he was most bummed about not getting her autograph to show to his friends in school the next day.

“It was a life lesson, I guess,” Tucker said. “It’s a bummer of a lesson to learn, especially at this age. But, you know, it gave us a little bit of something to talk about.”

Clinton was in town holding a forum on the drug crisis. Her team promised another visit with the children sometime in the future.

News footage below via Washington Free Beacon:

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