Hillary Clinton’s never ending ‘look at me, I’m still here’ tour continued on the Daily Show Wednesday night, where she criticized President Trump’s response to the vicious terrorist attack in New York by saying ‘Presidents shouldn’t point fingers’.

“What you want in a president is… trying to bring the country together, talk about what happened with the event that they are concerned about, but not to point fingers, not to scapegoat, not to try to set Americans against each other.” Hillary said.

“And, unfortunately, that just is not part of the job that our current president accepts or is willing to perform.” Clinton added.

“You know, of course he can have his own point of view and push his policies. That goes with the job. But not to continue to divide Americans against each other. He just doesn’t have any empathy.” Hillary jibed.

She then went on to suggest that Trump should try to “put himself into the shoes, the feelings of somebody else. And he has not been able to do that.”

Who would that be? The Islamic terrorist perhaps?

Hillary Clinton, of course, is no stranger to pointing fingers. She’s been pointing them at literally everyone and everything, other than herself, for almost a year now.


She is also very accustomed to scapegoating and dividing people in the IMMEDIATE aftermath of tragic events.

Elsewhere during the interview, Hillary attempted to defend herself after it emerged that her campaign paid for the so called ‘pissgate’ dossier, an attempt to smear Trump during the campaign.

The Campaign Legal Center has alleged that Hillary funneled money earmarked for ‘legal services’ into the dossier, which Clinton described as ‘opposition research’:

‘It was research that started by a Republican donor during the primary, and then when Trump got the nomination for the Republican Party, the people doing it came to my campaign lawyer [Marc Elias] and said, “would you like us to continue it?” Hillary claimed.

She then attempted to divert the conversation away from the dodgy dossier and back to the Russian collusion conspiracy.

“From my perspective, it didn’t come out before the election, as we all know, and what also didn’t come out, which I think is an even bigger problem… is that the American people didn’t even know that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign because of connections with Russia starting in the summer of 2016.” Hillary declared.

“I know that voters should have had that information. That’s something that may have influenced some people. And it’s part of what happens in a campaign, where you get information that may or may not be useful and you try to make sure anything you put out into the public arena is accurate.” she added.

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