Hillary Clinton laughed off a question about whether she will make a third run for the presidency in 2020, doing nothing to quell rumors she’s waiting to survey the field before making a decision.

The failed candidate was leaving a funeral service for Congressman John Dingell when Nick Ballasy caught up with her.

“Are you happy? Are you going to run?” Ballasy asked as she tried to get away.

Clinton laughed, and avoided the question by saying, “We gotta think about John Dingell and his legacy.”

Ballasy then caught up with John Podesta, the former chairman of Clinton’s failed campaign.

When asked about the current field of Democrat candidates, Podesta said, “I think we’ve got a bunch of great candidates, and you know, we’ll see, we might have some more.”

He added that it’s “a great field shaping up.”

Ballasy asked if Hillary will jump in if Joe Biden doesn’t run.

“No,” Podesta said.

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