Hashtag #HillaryForPrision is trending on Twitter after users who correctly spelled hashtag #HillaryForPrison claimed the phrase was being censored.


To combat the reported censorship users simply added and extra ‘I’ to the word prison.

The small change may have worked as the misspelled hashtag vaulted to the top of Twitter’s “trending” section, reaching over 40,000 tweets.

Thewrap.com reached out to Twitter about the supposed censorship and were provided no comment.

Below are some tweets explaining the misspelled hashtag.


The liberal community took the opportunity to make fun of Trump supporters by assuming the hashtag was accidentally misspelled.

Here are some of the best #HillaryForPrision Tweets so far.

This banner was also seen at The World Series game last night, possibly helping the hashtag’s rise.

Also at the World Series last night, a man interrupted an interview with a ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ sign.

The Art of the Deal PAC is going to be flying this banner over game 6 of The World Series.

Twitter users are encouraged to spread the hashtag, exposing Clinton’s crimes and fighting possible censorship.

Update: The correctly spelled version of the phrase #HillaryForPrison is now trending after the site was called out for potential censorship of the hashtag.



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