But seriously, folks … Hillary Clinton tried making light of her e-mail scandal over the past week, but her allies in Congress want her stage manager to bring out the hook. Her comedy routines have prompted fresh worries among Democrats on Capitol Hill as to whether their coronation candidate is really up for the task of campaigning, let alone governing, the Associated Press reports this morning:

Democratic lawmakers said Clinton’s campaign has not adequately explained the complicated nature of the email review and panned some of her attempts to use humor to talk about the probe. Clinton joked at a Democratic dinner in Iowa last week that she liked the social media platform Snapchat because the messages disappear by themselves. And she shrugged off questions about her server being wiped clean, asking facetiously in Nevada, “Like a cloth or something?”

“I don’t think the campaign has handled it very well,” Florida senator Bill Nelson told the Associated Press on Thursday. “I think the advice to her of making a joke out of it – I think that was not good advice.” …

In Republican-leaning Kentucky, Democratic representative John Yarmuth warned in an interview with WHAS-TV in Louisville: “I still think there is a chance that this could upend her campaign.”

“I just never feel like I have a grasp of what the facts are,” Yarmuth said on Wednesday. “Clearly she has handled it poorly from the first day. And there’s the appearance of dishonesty, if it’s not dishonest.”

Obviously, not everyone has a sense of humor about classified material getting out into the open because of the use of a secret e-mail server designed to thwart legitimate and constitutional oversight of the executive branch. Too bad — that’s usually quite a knee-slapper around the Clinton campfire these days.

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