Hillary Clinton can no longer dismiss concerns over her health as a “conspiracy theory,” the AP pointed out.

“For weeks, Hillary Clinton dismissed questions about her health as little more than a conspiracy theory, part of a ‘wacky strategy’ cooked up by rival Donald Trump as he embraced an ‘alternative reality,’” the AP reported. “Those concerns are now unavoidable, made real by Clinton’s abrupt departure Sunday from a 9/11 anniversary ceremony and a video showing the Democratic nominee staggering and eventually slumping forward before being held up by three people as she was helped into a van.”

This is an unprecedented admission by the mainstream media that until now has done everything it can to distort reality in Hillary’s favor.

Is Hillary’s severe health problems – which are likely neurological – now too big for the pro-Hillary media to conceal?

It seems so after the latest incident in which Hillary buckled and collapsed, forcing Secret Service agents to drag her across a sidewalk to a waiting vehicle.

“No longer can Trump’s questions about Clinton’s physical stamina be summarily dismissed,” the AP added.

Even the Washington Post, which is known for its anti-Trump bias, is declaring Hillary’s health a major campaign issue.

“Hillary Clinton falling ill Sunday morning at a memorial service on the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks will catapult questions about her health from the ranks of conservative conspiracy theory to perhaps the central debate in the presidential race over the coming days,” the paper declared.

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