Will President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?  A question curiously non-discussed in the media.

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However, when you accept that CNN’s broadcasted narratives, ie. the preferred positions of the U.S. Department of State, are generally good predictors of the political forecast, all signs point to yes.

Specifically, CNN’s broadcasted push surrounding the current story lines around FBI Director James Comey:  •#1. “Under IG Investigation“,  •#2. “Driving Wedge between Trump and Comey“, and •#3. “Incoming Deputy Attorney General“… well, the architecture of the necessary narrative to support a Clinton Pardon is clearly being framed.

All of the indicators are building toward one very specific conclusion.

This activity, as understood by those inside the FBI who watch closely, is the most likely the reason for the mysterious FBI Secret Document Release, in an attempt to make a pardon more difficult.  However, notice how none of the traditional left-wing U.S. media are reporting on the mysterious release.

Initially the FBI release four parts to their document library.

Someone inside the FBI added Part 5 on Sunday. The original link to the FBI document dump is HERE. The attached Part 5 pdf file is 300 pages and is downloadable.

Our review of the release is HERE – and we have transferred the content to a viewable and embed format below:

View this document on Scribd

(Via Katica) Please keep in mind that this release was not a Sunday doc dump. It is still not on the FBI Vault site. https://vault.fbi.gov/hillary-r.-clinton  And the FBI Vault Twitter account has not Tweeted it out. https://twitter.com/FBIRecordsVault  Nor has the FBI released a statement on it.

[…]  We have no idea if/when they were going to release it. The FBI has made no mention of the document as of yet either. I do hope that a news site does an article on that aspect of it. (more)

With no major media, especially CNN, presenting the content of the release within their broadcast, it would appear the intent is to position/protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to receive the benefit of an Obama pardon under the auspices of avoiding a malicious political investigation by any incoming swamp draining agents.

…that’s our estimation.  What’s yours?


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